Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New content - Cognitive therapy

Just posted a page on cognitive therapy - check it out!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

After Emotional Intelligence, it's Social Intelligence

I've just heard that Daniel Goleman, author of two of my favourite personal development books, Emotional Intelligence and Destructive Emotions has published a new book, Social Intelligence.

. The main idea is that social intelligence - "abilities like empathy and social ease that make people sparkle interpersonally", are very important. If you've read Social Intelligence , I'd be very interested to read your comments.

As with most of his books, this is popular psychology backed up by Neuroscience . In Goleman's honour, I've added a new page to my Personal Development Through Philosophy and Psychology website about neuroscience.

By the way, Goleman now has his own blog and here is a brief introduction to social intelligence written by Goleman.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stress Management for Cricket-Lovers

"7 days to go…". If these words mean nothing to you, then this blog entry and others in the next few months may not mean too much either. It’s 7 days to the start of the Ashes. I can’t wait …
However, since this blog is meant to have something to do with personal development rather than my hobbies, I’d better make it relevant. Not too hard, actually, given Marcus Trescothick’s sad departure from the tour on grounds of stress. Even though his website still proclaims “My problems are now very much behind me, I just needed a break.”, a few days ago his problems recurred and he’s now back in Britain.
We don’t know exactly what Tresco’s problems are, but they are said to be “stress-related”. If so, then he merits our sympathy. Stress is a very serious and debilitating problem, and we should treat him with as much sympathy as if Brett Lee had broken his arm. It may be too late for the Ashes, but I’ve created a web page full of all the ideas I know about to help with stress-management – cognitive therapy, self-help books, time-management, relaxation, problem-solving and assertiveness amongst them.
Watching England play cricket can be another source of stress, but it’s one that I’m loathe to cut out ..