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Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Predictions Part 3 - Who will die in book 7?

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In parts 1 and 2 of this short series, we looked at the questions of whether Snape is really evil [unanimous answer: "No"] and whether Harry will die [less certainty here, but agreement that he will probably not end up dead]. Which leaves the question, who will die. Well one likely candidate is Snape himself - probably helping Harry - and another one who I believe will bite the dust is Wormtail - paying his debt back to Harry.  But I'm afriad we can also expect some good guys - or girls - to get the chop.

Who will it be?


Ed Kern


Within alchemy, the "work" is often cast as progressing through three stages, the black, the white, and the red. I think the
death of Sirius Black signals the end of the nigredo; the death of Albus Dumbledore, the end of the albedo; and perhaps the death of Rubeus
Hagrid, the end of the rubedo.


Shawn Klein hagrid

If I had to guess, I'd say Hagrid is going to get killed. I suspect possibly a Weasley family member(Percy?) and maybe even a Dursley family member (Petunia?) But these are really just guesses, hunches.

Tom Morris nevile


 I think that something important will happen with Neville Longbottom.  He's been such an obvious underdog, struggling with an apparent dearth of natural talent but a good spirit.  I suspect he'll rise up and make a big difference.  But we may have to say goodbye to Neville.  I can't imagine his not playing an important role.  One of the things Rowling has been keen to remind us is that things are not always what they appear.  And I suspect that applies to Neville.


Well, I guess we'll have to wait a few more days to find out the real answers.

Has this predicting got anything to do with philosophy? Ed Kern thinks it has, so lets leave the last word with him?

All this speculation is fun and interesting, but I've
tried to do so in ways consistent with how the texts model
an ethical system, portray characters, and develop
particular themes. A lot of fans treat the works as
mysteries, but they're really not, because of the way each
subsequent book in the series introduces elements to the
story that really could not have been foreseen by readers.
For this reason, philosophy and character (in both senses
of the word) offer the best grounds for speculation.


I'm sure that's not the last we will hear of Harry Potter. Personally, I would like to write some more on the personal development significance of the Potter series, which I have made started here. I'd be interested in your thoughts .... tags: ,

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At Thursday, July 19, 2007 , Blogger Tim said...

It's been pointed out to me that this is one of the rare occasions when philosophers actually make a prediction that can be proved right or wrong.
Unfortunately, I won't do a "how do they do" follow up -at least not for a while, as I'm sure not everyone will have read the book for a while.
So, no spoilers please!


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