Thursday, July 13, 2006

Red Card to Zidane!

Zinedine Zidane may be a first-rate footballer, but he’s a third-rate philosopher.

Commenting on his headbutt of Italian defender Marco Materazzi in Sunday's World Cup final, Zidane, 34, said:

"It was inexcusable. I apologise. But I can't regret what I did because it would mean that he was right to say all that."

Zidane is missing 3 open goals

zidane miss
There is a gap between stimulus and response (Stephen Covey).
You are free to choose your response to an insult
zidane miss There is a difference between someone offending you and someone harming you (J.S Mill).

Insults don’t really harm you

zidane miss It doesnt follow that even if someone does harm you that you have to harm them physically in return.
What's a better response? Almost anything.
        • “Turn the Other Cheek” (Christianity)
        • “The more you understand the more you forgive“ (Spinoza)
        • "Take your revenge, but take it wisely”. (Machiavellian) .

Zidane's response was precisely what Matterazi hoped for.

Of course, what really happened was that the red mist descended.

ZZ's verbal response 3 days later is more a rationalisation than anything else.

Maybe what Zidane (and Rooney too) really needs is some neo-Stoic anger management.

But let's talk about emotional wisdom in a future article ...

Personal Development Through Philosophy says :-

“Red Card” to Zidane!”


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 , Anonymous Zinedane Zidane said...

-go to the end for the one with the cat that may completely change your mind


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