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Ways into Philosophy – Practical Philosophy (2004)

 100% of students rated this course “excellent” or “good”. 66% rated it “excellent”


“I like the way it challenged my thinking processes and has impacted on the way I want to lead my life”


"Particularly impressed by the handouts and the preparation that has gone into each class”. 


“It was very accessible and helped to de-mystify the topic of philosophy”.


"Interesting and thought-provoking”


 “I have achieved a greater sense of well-being in my life …Such practical spin-offs from the course have been a welcome, unexpected bonus from my learning for interest’s sake.”


“The course has had a major impact on my life.”

Philosophical Counselling for You (2004)

75% rated this one day workshop  "excellent"


"This course was very inspiring.  I really enjoyed the day and the teacher was excellent"


"A more concise introduction to philosophical practice than the academic books I have been interested in"


 "It gave a very useful overview of philosophers and included exercises which helped us ot understand".

 "I appreciated the teacher's enthusiasm, learning, pace of course, just the right amount of repeating, good use of teaching material." 

"Interesting and practical".

"The course was excellent"

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshop (2003)

 “Friendly approach, relaxed. Simple and clear distillation of key points.”


“The suggestion of a weekly course sounded good.”


“Tutor knew the subject very well.”


“Thorough explanation of the 7 habits.”


“Interesting, clear explanations”


“I was helped by writing a mission statement and planning priorities using the quadrants”


“The course helped me understand the meaning of mission statements and goals.”


“I can use what I learnt  at home and work”


“Thanks very much! I now have a different, more structured approach to things. Opened up Covey’s work to take further on my own.


“Much more accessible to take this course than going straight into Covey’s books.”


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Living workshop (2004)

(100% good or excellent, 45% excellent)


“Complex ideas explained clearly with relevance to life”


“It was clear and very useful”


“I liked the mix of different learning/teaching”


“Ideas put over well”


“This course has pushed the right button for me to move on in a major decisions”


“Helped me write my own mission statement”

        Ways into Philosophy – Great Thinkers (2003)

“Very stimulating and interesting. Very good teacher, very knowledgable but not intimidating”.


“What I liked most was the humour of Tim LeBon in lightening weighty subjects.”


“I like the structure of the course and the way it was conducted through a variety of ways.”


“The activities in class were great – we put philosophical treaties into practice. This was interesting and also made it easier to remember.”


“Tim really helped me understand complicated philosophers and works”


“Succinctly encapsulated the key issues”


“I was impressed by the way Tim got everyone working together in an interesting way – it helped to put the intellectual concepts in place.”


“I now intend to do a master degree and have found it to be a good foundation.”


 “Ways into philosophy has helped in personal growth through putting thoughts in a logical manner hence making better everyday decisions.”


“Great way to fill Monday night. Helped me to be more reflective about my life, others and the world.”

”A new stimulating topic for the pub”.


“Better understanding where philosophers are name-checked in books and articles.”


“I have noticed that I am more prepared to stick up for my point of view in a discussion – more able to talk things through.”

”I am pleased to have made the acquaintance of great thinkers I had only hear of, and even read some of their work.”


“I have been amazed how many times that subjects we discussed in class have come up during the week in conversation at work, on the radio, TV and it has felt great to feel reminded of a philosophical issue. I also do a writing course and my first piece of writing mixed David Bowie and Socrates!”


“The course has helped me on a personal development level about different aspects of life, especially meaning.”


“I am writing a novel and the course has influenced the way I see my characters and even their situations.


“I’ve been very enthused by this course, which has made me think more deeply and reflectively than I have needed to since leaving university nearly 15 years ago.”


“On a very practical level, I didn’t particularly agree with the Stoics but by applying their ideas I’ve been less upset by my noisy neighbours!”


“Has helped me to ask some important questions about what is important to me personally, who I am, what is happiness.”


“The course has inspired me by addressing key issues in life and imbuing them with greater meaning.”


Philosophical Counselling Testimonials 


"I found each session extremely stimulating. The 50 minutes just flew by on every occasion. 

My 200 mile drive was worth every mile and the time I had to take off work to attend the sessions worth every minute.


I particularly liked the way I could engage with Tim and direct the core of my feelings toward positive and useful solutions.


I also really liked the way Tim took notes and provided email feedback after each session enabling me to continue the process between meetings."


                        PM. Managing Director


      "For the first time in two years, I was being honest with myself about what I really wanted "


                        Claire Smith, writing in The Independent. - full article here.

Life-Coaching Testimonials  

"Thank you for helping me to get my life to where it is today.  


As you will remember, I came to you for help when I was deciding whether to opt for voluntary redundancy or not. I felt trapped in my well paid job, but deskilled and demotivated. I was sure that I didn’t have the skills to get another job, nor did I expect to find something part-time to fit around my young family. I was also scared of becoming a full-time Mum.   


You listened to all my concerns, guided me to see where my strengths lay, and helped me look across a wider spectrum of possibilities. I would never have thought I would be the person to do it, but now I have my own business (in a completely different field from my old job) and when I look back, it is exactly the strengths that you identified which have brought it together. 


I am like a new person: happy, busy, confident and fulfilled – and able to run the business around the needs of my family, which is exactly what I wanted.


Thank you again."

                Gill at Waterproof World

                Website: http://www.waterproofworld.co.uk


"Again, I want to thank you for all your help. I really feel much better and  in control.  The most helpful aspects of the sessions were the  way in which Tim helped  me to articulate the problems I had and in  particular the many issues involved in each. 


All  in all, I found the sessions very empowering. Tim gave me the chance to believe that I could do all the things I wanted to if I could look at them from a different perspective or with a different attitude. They had a very positive effect on me and increased my confidence and  self-esteem.


(6 months later)


"On a personal note, you might be interested to know that I've achieved quite  a lot since we last talked. I feel much better and happier and I've made some important decisions.

Thanks for your help."

         Barbara (Psychotherapist and lecturer)

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