Life Coaching in Central London

What is Life Coaching?

The aim of life coaching is to take you closer to leading the life you really want to lead.  

The specifics will depend on you. Recently I have helped clients with the following aims:-

 Who am I?   


My original training was in philosophy at Oxford.  I gained a first-class degree in PPE from Trinity College, Oxford. back in 1982.

Philosophy, it seemed to me then, shouldn't be written off as a difficult and obscure ivory tower discipline. As the ancients recognised, philosophy - the 'love of wisdom'  - contains many insights and methods that can be harvested to  provide wise answers and ways of dealing with our urgent twenty-first century concerns. 

My philosophical training has since  been broadened and informed by further training in cognitive therapy, life coaching, and existential psychotherapy as well as life experience as an educator and therapist - and as a father and husband.

In the last fifteen years I have been developing ways of integrating philosophy with psychology and personal development. Many of these ideas are described in my  first book, Wise Therapy (Sage, 2001).  . My most recent research interest has examined the personal development literature. I have found that the very best of these "self-help classics" provide incredibly useful  tools to help clients..

I lecture and run popular  workshops in practical philosophy and positive psychology at City University and the City Literary Institute, London. I also the current Chair of the Society for Philosophy in Practice

I am 43 years old, married and have two young children (aged 5 and 7). My work has  recently been  featured in a  number of publications at home and abroad, including the Observer and the Independent.


How can I help you?


If your life is not everything that it could be, and you would like to devote some time to changing this, then I can offer personal one-to-one life coaching sessions to help you. Sessions can be face-to-face (in Central London) or by phone/e-mail as appropriate. 



How can I book some sessions? 

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