my dinner with andreMy Dinner with Andre

 A film replete with philosophical and existential ideas. Film as an intellectual conversation:
From Wiki: My Dinner with Andre is a 1981 movie starring Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, written by Gregory and Shawn, and directed by Louis Malle.

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George Wu review
"Wallace Shawn and André Gregory began keeping records of their conversations over a period of months. They then turned it into a screenplay and enlisted Louis Malle to direct. The "story" is incredibly simple"
Notes on My Dinner With Andre
"[Wally] came over to see me and said that he felt that either I had had a complete nervous breakdown over the last few years, or else a creative block, or a spiritual awakening, or a combination of all three, but whatever it was, when he reached my age ... he didn't want to go through the same thing."  Read more notes on My Dinner with Andre
Jeremiah Kemp review   "I try to catch My Dinner With André at least once, maybe twice a year. It's one of those wonderful films which seems to change every time I see it" Read on...
One movie a day blog.  "Now this is how you do a movie about ideas. Two men, who were friends some time ago, sit down, have dinner, and talk for an hour and fifty minutes. Their conversation, philosophical and heady, contains some of the most riveting moments I’ve ever seen in a movie."  Read on
Jeremy Gable's review "...this is one of the best films I have ever seen. When André talks, you listen."Read on
Philosophical Films site
"The electric blanket: Wally finds it to be an important creature comfort, but Andre believes that it separates us from reality; that is, like a lobotomy, comfort can lull us into a dangerous tranquility. Who’s right?"  Read On

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